The List

Growing up comes at you fast and before it's too late (sounds slightly morbid coming from a girl who recently turned 18), I would like to do a bunch of things that are (not so) small so I can feel somewhat accomplished in life.

'Life is what happens when you're busy making other plans.'

♥ Perform in a flashmob
♥ Create a picture entirely from sequins
♥ Jump out of a plane.
♥ Fly around the world
♥ Wear pink or red lipstick
♥ Wear hot pants
♥ Sing in front of an audience
♥ Steer a ship
♥ Do 15 cartwheels in a row
♥ Go to a concert
♥ Paint my face blue
♥ Dye my hair red/pink/purple/grey
♥ Go to every continent on the planet
♥ Have my portrait drawn
♥ Be a member of a studio audience
♥ Throw a bottle with a message out to sea and see if it is answered
♥ Sleep under the stars
♥ Go to all 50 US states
♥ Set a world record
♥ Fly in a private jet
♥ Go Zorbing
♥ Kiss the Blarney stone
♥ Say something that becomes an awesome quote
♥ Stand on the equator
♥ Get Blue Peter Badges
♥ Photo bomb 
♥ Carve my name into a tree 
♥ Take pictures underwater 
♥ Pull an all-nighter 
♥ Make ice cream 
♥ Burst into song in a random place at least once 
♥ Watch the sun rise and set 
♥ Do the Gangnam Style dance in public with friends
♥ Go on a zip wire 
♥ Try on really expensive clothes
♥ Leave a note in a really popular library book
♥ Roll down a hill  
♥ Put Mentos in coke
♥ Do the splits
♥ Put a random item in someone’s shopping cart 
♥ Make up a fake name for an entire day 
♥ Take a jumping picture 
♥ Tie Dye a white shirt 
♥ Make a friendship bracelet 
♥ Throw change into a fountain

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